1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Choose two or three social media sites that are relevant to your work to promote your content. Although there are dozens of platforms, it is best to concentrate on a small number first and focus on building your followers. Trying to build too many social presences at once will fragment your audience. This is the first key to your growth strategy. 

2. COLLABORATE: There is power in numbers! Whether you are producing music or a web-series, collaborating with other talent allows you broaden your creativity and reach new audiences.  Many artists welcome collaborations and the same chance to grow their fan base and repertoire. Don’t be afraid to ask an influencer—someone with thousands of followers—to work with you.

3. ENGAGE: Posting and promoting your content is not enough. It is important that you engage your fans and ask questions: 

- What do you think of my song? 

- Is there something I could have done 

  better with my film? 

You will find most people like to give their opinions and this is good because you are creating conversation around your content. Fans become your backbone and will share your content with others.

4. PATIENCE: I cannot stress this enough! In order to build a wall you must first start with one brick. Be relentless in your marketing strategy because one fan will soon become 1000.  But this won’t happen overnight, you must be patient. 

5. CONSISTENCY: In order to build a loyal fan base you must be consistent. Upload your content on the same day and time every week and let your followers know so they can help build hype. Once you are consistently uploading and sharing, you must also continue to keep your followers engaged. If you are not consistent, they will most likely tune out and find someone else to follow. It’s like watching your favorite TV show; chances are you know exactly what day and time it airs, and if for some reason you turn to that channel and there is a repeat you will most likely change the channel. 

6. NOW WHAT?: There has never been a better time for independent talent to build a career. In the past, musicians relied on record labels to assist in the development of their careers, whether it was marketing, A&R or tours. Talent were completely dependent on labels! That’s why to truly be INDEPENDENT you must focus on your career and be involved in all aspects. It’s no longer “I just want to be creative,” you must be fully invested in building your fan base, promoting, marketing and collaborating with others. Once you build a fan base something starts to happen, people will start reaching out to you for opportunities like local gigs, editing jobs, or collaborations.

Industry veteran Robert Rivera, VP of Business Development and Strategy at Showpitch, has had years of experience helping independent artists make their way to the top. Whether you are in film or music, Rivera has some important advice independent talent should follow to reach the path to success.
— Robert Rivera

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