How did you get started as a DJ?
I’m from Dubai originally but I came to Canada two years ago and I’m a student here. I also make music back and forth, here and there. I started making music two years about but the passion started when I was 10 years old. When I grew up in Dubai, as a kid you were either into hip-hop or indie or rock, dance music wasn’t that big back then. So, I listened to a track by Supermode and then I got into it. From there on, I started to listen to more music. I started buying vinyls of bands in Dubai. Then I started to get some ideas. I used to play the piano anyway so I had these electronic ideas and I figured why not go ahead and start doing something. So I had a really old laptop and really bad headphones and I started messing around with songs and vocals, got a couple of good reactions here and there. But that was two years ago, and listening back, I made bad music compared to now. It was really bad. Recognition. That was the hardest thing for me. Getting noticed for the music you’re making. Basically, you need to make good music to get noticed. That’s a no-brainer. But to get recognized by record labels... there’s big competition out there. I’ve been getting offers lately but it’s just picking up. I mean that took me two years of working and constantly getting connections just to get me where I am now. And there are still many more years to come. 

What are you working on now?
I just finished my remix of Calvin Harris and I’m working with a couple of vocalist in the future. We have projects lined up, timelines lined up but we’re not sure when we’re actually going finish them and release them. So, there are big things coming. I have a single coming out in June and another one coming out in September. 

How do you find people to collaborate with?
They find me. Usually we meet at clubs, events or find each other on soundcloud, Showpitch, or other media sites. [Other artists] send me an email and then it’s back and forth. 

How’s the music scene in Dubai?
It’s picking up. It’s not as big as Miami but it’s picking up. We just started to get nightclubs that are dedicated to dance music. But there are no record labels or producers.

Do you feel limited making music in Dubai?
Production wise in Dubai, yeah. I think we are really limited because we don’t have production labels there. We don’t have an A&R firm or creative agencies, but it’s still growing in the Middle East and the other side of the world. But production wise and opportunity wise, Canada is much better. You’ve got more here and it’s more organic here. 

What do you ultimately want to do with your music?
Well, I think the main goal is just to make good music with people who can make good music. That’s the only goal. That’s why I don’t sell my records. They are for free everywhere. They’re up for remixes. So, the main goal is just to make good music. That’s it.