Beat the Block
You know that moment, when you just keep staring at the solid white Word document or piece of paper hoping words will just magically appear? Yeah that. And while it might seem like a tough hurdle to overcome, here are a few tips to help make that hurdle seem smaller:

Write about what you love
If you feel connected to something, it’ll be easier to write about. Tapping into those feelings will allow you to put your thoughts into words. 

Take a walk outside and look for inspiration
Get some fresh air and take a look at the trees and the sky! Feel the grass and take in all of the sounds around you. Or if you’re not the outdoorsy type, there’s a whole world of inspiration right on Showpitch.

Have a drink
We’re not saying drink the whole bottle, but one glass won’t hurt anyone. Look at how a drink helped Hemingway. Just kidding…kind of. But seriously, even just taking a break and having a refreshing glass of cucumber water can be helpful.

Just start writing words down
You know, word vomit on paper. Butterfly, sword, blue, dinosaur, H2O, photosynthesis, camel! (Yep, nailed it.) 

Read, draw, doodle, or watch something random
Do anything to stimulate your creativity. Get outside of your head and do something different to get the juices flowing.