Menudo Entertainment has announced a global digital talent search for the new members of Menudo, one of the most famous Latin boy bands in history. Menudo Entertainment used the Showpitch platform to connect with media companies and sponsors during closed beta. After seeing the success of the platform, Menudo Entertainment contacted Showpitch for a chance to host the talent search for the next generation of the sensational Latin boy band on the site. Showpitch signed Menudo Entertainment to a partnership and was then responsible for closing major sponsorship deals for the talent search. Menudo’s success began in the late 1970s and became worldwide by the mid-80s. In less than 40 years, the group sold over 20 million albums, released two feature films, and produced some of today’s top Latin based stars such as Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa. The Menudo talent search comes at a time when the digital era is in its prime with millennials interacting on social media more than ever. was created to give undiscovered talent opportunities to connect with industry insiders, showcase their work and ultimately get discovered. Together and Menudo will be able to launch the careers of five newcomers.