The dream killers of no connectivity, no leverage, no money and limited time have caused so many creatives to stop pursuing their dreams, but Showpitch is here to put an end to these dream killers. Connecting will be done with just a few clicks saving you time, money and aggravation. Showpitch gives you all the tools you need to connect with other talent, fans and industry members. Build connections with other talent and collaborate to create pieces of art you never imagined.

No leverage? Showpitch gives you all the leverage you could ever need. You can recruit fans to build a fan base. Industry members are on the site waiting to discover the next big star. Your Stage is your online portfolio where all of your information and media is stored for everyone to learn about you and your talents.

As for time and money, you’ll be able to save and maximize both of these with Showpitch. Having everything in one place for industry members and fans to view will allow to you focus more on your talent and less on posting to each and every social media site. Also, you’ll soon be able to earn revenue for your talents. Opportunities will be added to Showpitch that will allow you to gain funding through content monetization and the connections you make on the site.

Don’t let these dream killers hold you back any more. Take control of your future by utilizing the tools Showpitch has created for you.