Integration is EVERYTHING, and Showpitch provides a platform with capabilities and services that go far beyond what YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter deliver.  As a brand or an agency, you have all the tools to create customized channels where you can upload the four types of media such as video, audio, image, and docs.  You no longer need to conform to one specific model.  In addition, the Showpitch platform adds social components that function very much like Facebook’s.  Brands and agencies will be fully capable of contacting quality content creators, sponsor artists, and launch experiential campaigns.  

Ads need to become native—integrated within the content due to the rapid rise of ad blockers.  Unlike display advertising, which is the primary target of ad blocking, native advertising has been largely immune to the technology. This is in part because native advertising falls on the right side of what ad blockers consider “acceptable” and because the average bit of sponsored content functions like any other article, making it harder to block. Native advertising is also a better fit for mobile screens, which are smaller and even less conducive to interruptive advertising than desktops

It’s been said that millennials, described as young, mobile, and socially savvy consumers value their experiences over their possessions.   Give this demographic an opportunity to share/declare and report on its experiences—UGC (User Generated Content)

UGC provides a win-win situation for both sides: Brands get to develop a deeper engagement with their audience by creating a platform where their consumers can gather and socialize and, in turn, consumers get exclusive access to products and services — which they can boast about to their friends.

Global marketers are leveraging the explosive growth of user-generated content and the rise of digital influencers to promote their brands.  



Connect with quality content creators and talent


Benefit from our strong partnerships within different industries



Integrate your brand's message through powerful content



Help launch careers for up and coming talent.


Engage and test audiences and new target markets

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