Company Hopes To Offer Another Way To Stardom


Naples, MAY 29, 2015 – Banking on the idea that all the world’s a stage, a Naples-based entertainment-industry company is aiming to bring together all the players in one location with the recent launch of

Showpitch founder and CEO J.P. Fatta said his company’s new site combines the best elements of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to offer those with dreams of stardom a one-stop shop for turning those dreams into a living, breathing reality.

“Facebook changed the way we socialize, LinkedIn changed the way we connect, Twitter changed the way we communicate, YouTube changed the way we consume content, and Showpitch changes the way we collaborate,” he said.

To do that, Fatta said Showpitch offers a central hub for agents, talent, fans and studio and television executives to connect and collaborate and focuses on the creation and discovery of content rather than the simple consumption of content.

“Showpitch levels the playing field and gives all aspiring talent and creators a true ecosystem in which they can finally connect to each other, connect to their fans, connect to opportunities and connect to talent seekers under one roof,” he said.

Fatta said the idea behind Showpitch, which maintains offices in Naples, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles, is to solve the challenges of a fragmented digital landscape by offering a single marketplace.

“Showpitch was built to give everyone a chance to make his or dreams a reality,” he said of the site that operates on the YouTube model of shared advertising revenue based on the number of views for a particular piece of content. “It’s no longer about distribution; it is now about attention.”

To help users of the site draw that all-important attention, Fatta said Showpitch eliminates the four “dream killers” of insufficient connections, leverage, money and time.

“It’s a place for talent to connect with one another and others in the industry, and a place for others to take notice of you without exploiting you,” he said of solutions to the first two dreamkillers. “Talent could distribute their own content online, but then they have no leverage position for the industry. Showpitch ensures you don’t have to sell your soul or sign a bad deal just to break into the business.”

By offering talent up to 90 percent of advertising revenue, Fatta said content creators could also eliminate the dreamkillers of insufficient money and time.

“There’s a reason they’re called ‘starving artists,’” he said. “If you go to L.A. every waiter and waitress is trying to break into the business. But Showpitch offers them the ability to earn real money to fuel their careers, which eliminates the need for other kinds of work.”

Fatta said Showpitch has enlisted an impressive lineup of heavy hitters in the entertainment industry to serve as advisors and consultant. Notable names include Marco Bissi, former CEO of EMI Music Latin America and U.S. Latin America; Ted Cohen, managing director of TAG Strategic; Oscar Llord, former chairman of Sony Latin; and lawyer Marc Stollman, who counts Madonna, Jay-Z, Shakira and U2 among his clients.

“The platform will serve as a digital community and give unknown talent, as well as digital stars from other platforms, a place to better connect,” Fatta said. “Showpitch is all about the discovery of new content and new talent.” Cohen, who is based in Los Angeles, said the idea is a solid one.

“Showpitch is poised to be the definitive game-changer in how talent, musicians and actors create and connect with their audience,” he said. “Establishing truly meaningful relationships that maximize both their impact and potential is Showpitch’s edge. If you are a talent, industry executive or fan, Showpitch was created for you.” For more information, see