Showpitch has created the only online and offline solution for content creators and talent that brings all talent types, fans, industry professionals and global brands together for the purpose of connecting, collaborating, developing content, monetizing and discovery. We offer digital platforms and services to help to promote your work and advance your career.

Streame is our digital streaming platform where you can create fully customizable channels and publish your works to be consumed by global audiences. Pitch your concepts to Industry Professionals and Brands for potential acquisition. Build your fan following. Take advantage of a multitude of opportunities including competitions on, casting calls, mandates, jobs and gigs.

Our service offerings include Ascend and SPA Digital Media. Ascend is our talent management division which will help you elevate your career. The Ascend Team provides support in areas such as A&R, imaging, distribution, marketing, publicity, branding, Radio/TV promotion and partnerships. SPA Digital Media is our content division. Our SPA professionals have the experience and connections to find channels of distribution for your content and monetization opportunities.



Earn Revenue and Monetize Content


Create  Custom Channels, Build Templates to Showcase your Work


Publish Channels & Templates to our digital streaming platform, Streame


Upload all Media Types
(Video, Audio, Document, Image)


Find Opportunities Through Castings, Mandates & Competitions


Talent Collaboration


Proactive Fan Engagement Tools


Artist Development Program: 


Content Distribution & Licensing Opportunities: SPA Digital Media