We develop customized packaging and business solutions for brands, media companies, content creators, and publishers. We do this by taking concepts and campaign ideas developed by Ascend or The Idea Bubble (or both) and negotiate partnerships with media partners, brands, and other potential entities that have been identified as key players. Groundworks then facilitates collaboration between these partners to lay the foundation for powerful and profitable campaigns. Showpitch Groundworks includes:


Building partnerships with entertainment and media companies around the globe with the intent of developing a mutually beneficial relationship. We use our platforms and services to help meet our partners goals including enhancing their presence, acquiring content, generating digital revenues and increasing audience engagement. We do this by conceptualizing unique campaigns or developing and packaging concepts brought to us by our partners. 

Joint Ventures

We expand beyond traditional partnerships by cultivating joint venture deals in which both parties join together in co-ownership of the venture entity. Showpitch Groundworks possess the technology to develop a platform to execute the ventures objectives as well as provide the support for the platform. We also bring to the table our other corporate divisions to contribute to the success of the overall venture.

Enterprise Deals

Enterprise deals focus on creating sustainable partnerships with Companies and Individuals that want to utilize our platform and technology to start, grow or enhance their business. We do this by providing the platform tools, technical know-how, and support structure that empowers our partners to develop new products, services, and verticals.


Showpitch Groundworks works with Brands, Media Companies, Content Creators, Artists and Influencers. We assist our clients in packaging content and talent through funding, sponsorship, distribution, licensing and development.

We work with projects in all stages of development. Whether you are looking to produce a movie, show, album or artist, let us see if we can connect you to the partners that can help you take your project from concept to fruition.