Whether you’re a Studio, Label, Management Agency, Distribution Company, Content Buyer or part of the Entertainment or Media Industry in any way, Showpitch has a full suite of services and powerful platforms to meet your needs.

It has become difficult in today's digital world to find content and talent as they are spread out over a multitude of platforms. Our Streame platform brings together content, creators and talent in one digital marketplace. Run competitions, issue casting calls, post mandates, collaborate on projects...use all of our tools to discover content and cultivate relationships with creators and talent. 

If you are looking for partnership, joint venture or enterprise opportunities, agency services, innovative digital campaigns, or content acquisition and development we have our Ascend, Idea Bubble, Groundworks and SPA Digital Media divisions to serve your needs. 

There is currently no company in the digital media and entertainment landscape today that has such a comprehensive and powerful offering for Industry Professionals.



Network, collaborate, pitch and create projects through our Director's Cut portal.

Search for a specific a talent for content through our first completed user generated streaming network.


Host Casting Calls, Mandates, Gigs, Jobs, and Competitions.


 Collaborate with Talent and other Industry users to create new content and find new ways to generate revenue.


Discover aspiring Talent to represent or manage, mentor them and provide them with opportunities to further their career.


Promote your Brand through endorsements, licensing deals and sponsorships.