J.P. Fatta                                                            FOUNDER | CHAIRMAN | C.E.O

                                                                       J.P. Fatta

                                                     FOUNDER | CHAIRMAN | C.E.O

When we started this initiative a couple years ago, I had an idea, a seed, no more than a vision of what Showpitch could be. I wanted to eliminate the "dream killers" - no connectivity, no leverage, no money and no time that are stumbling blocks to every creative individual pursuing their passion. I wanted to break down the traditional barriers that impede the creative process. To bring together all of the players under one roof and create a new paradigm that corrects all of the broken, fragmented pieces; making them inter-connected and available to everyone. With the help of some great minds, we put our heads together and created a new eco-system that provides a complete set of solutions that foster networking, connectivity and collaboration. Through technical insights, powerful tools and access to services we provide - any talent, creator, industry insider or brand can connect to each other, to their audiences and to opportunities all in one place. Welcome to the Next Generation of Entertainment. Welcome to Showpitch.  

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