Showpitch Launches Game Changing Discovery Platform for the Digital Entertainment Industry

Site Offers Superior Collaboration & Integration for Digital Entertainment with a Greater Focus on Needs of Aspiring Talent Globally

MIAMI, MAY 14, 2015 – Showpitch, LLC today announced that it has launched its new digital content discovery platform for emerging talent, industry insiders and fans. is focused on the creation and discovery of content and talent, rather than simply consumption of content. Showpitch was created to solve the challenges of a fragmented digital landscape by bringing everyone – talent of all kinds, industry professionals, fans and brands - into a single marketplace to efficiently connect, collaborate, develop, monetize and discover the next generation of talent and content together.

“It’s my dream to create a single community where everyone has an opportunity to showcase their talent and collaborate with others,” said Showpitch Founder and CEO J.P. Fatta. “Showpitch was built to give everyone a chance to make his or her dreams a reality. It’s no longer about distribution, it is now about attention. Showpitch levels the playing field and gives all aspiring talent and creators a true eco-system in which they can finally connect to each other, connect to their fans, connect to opportunities and connect to talent seekers all under one roof.”

Talent, industry professionals, fans and brands all have access to online tools but they are so segmented that fostering collaboration between them is limited, or even non-existent. Showpitch provides an integrated platform that works for everyone. Showpitch will be a game-changer for independent artists looking to be discovered as well as more established talent seeking new avenues for their work. Talent can use their “Stage” on Showpitch as their online portfolio, giving industry executives insights on their content, talent, and fan base. Showpitch is positioned to be the premier go-to site to discover new talent and content by determining the built-in-demand before taking a risk.

“Showpitch is like a digital upfronts online where brands and industry can connect with content and its creators during the creative process and not have to wait for a finished product,” said Fatta. “The platform will serve as a digital community and give unknown talent as well as digital stars from other platforms a place to better connect. Showpitch is all about the discovery of new content and new talent.”

Talent will also be able to monetize all types of content they upload—not just video and audio, but screenplays, scripts, articles and photographs as well. Competitions, opportunities and mandates will play a major role in driving activity on the site for talent, brands, industry executives and fans.

As South Florida continues to grow as a startup mecca, Showpitch has recruited some the industry’s top executives from film and music to develop partnerships, launch initiatives and expand into Latin America and Europe. Some of the top executives Showpitch has enlisted as advisors and consultants already include: Marco Bissi, former CEO of EMI Music Latin America and U.S. Latin America; Ted Cohen, managing director of TAG Strategic; Oscar Llord, former chairman of Sony Latin; and Marc Stollman, Esq., Principal of Stollman Law, whose notable clients include Madonna, Jay-Z, Shakira and U2. In addition, entertainment industry veteran Robert Rivera has been named executive vice president of business development and strategy.

Showpitch has already established revenue and marketing partnerships with major networks, studios, publishers, brands, and industry executives to deliver unique and exciting opportunities to its talent and partners. The company has raised nearly $4 million via a Friends and Family round of funding. Armed with a robust platform, partnerships and team, the company is launching a Series A round to fund its adoption and further expansion.

“Showpitch is poised to be the definitive game-changer in how talent, musicians, and actors create and connect with their audience,” said Ted Cohen, managing partner and digital media guru, TAG Strategic, Los Angeles. “Establishing truly meaningful relationships that maximize both their impact and potential is Showpitch’s edge. Showpitch is direct-to-fan on steroids! If you are a talent, industry executive or fan, Showpitch was created for you.”

Facebook changed the way we socialize, LinkedIn changed the way we connect, Twitter changed the way we communicate, YouTube changed the way we consume content, and Showpitch changes the way we collaborate.

Showpitch is the most effective platform for emerging Talent to share their work, impress the Entertainment Industry and connect with Fans on their way to being discovered. The platform brings emerging Talent and the Industry together under one roof. On Showpitch, Talent can create their own unique Stages to shine a spotlight on themselves directly for Industry Leaders searching for rising stars.