Showpitch Helps Showbiz Professionals Get Noticed; Rackspace keeps Showpitch Running


May 27, 2015 – There’s a lot of talent out there on the Internet and social media, but how do you discover it, whether you’re in the industry or a potential fan?

Let’s say you ARE the talent; how do you cut through the online clutter to get your work in front of agents, producers or fans?

Finally, there’s an answer, and it’s, a platform that allows talent, industry and consumers to connect in one place. Designed for the digital future of the entertainment industry, Showpitch narrows the gap that has existed between content providers, producers, and would-be fans. Think of it as equal parts Facebook, IMDB, and YouTube or Vimeo.

Showpitch is the Industry’s only truly complete ecosystem that connects actors, producers, musicians or industry professionals in other areas such as venues — all the way from content to consumption. Our platform is ideal for promotion and publicity, too.

Earlier this month, Showpitch made its first major launch debut out of closed beta, announcing a competition with Menudo, the legendary Latin boy band now looking for its next group member. Select Honda Dealership Associations are sponsoring this competition, and NBC/Telemundo will be presenting the competition alongside Showpitch.

Talent will be able to enter the competition on for the chance to be among the top 25 finalists to travel to Miami, where they will perform live auditions in front of a panel of celebrity judges.

With a competition of this scope, we knew we’d be facing traffic loads and spikes that our two cloud servers could not handle. Also, we were under a tight deadline, with only a few months to complete everything.

This competition would be the first of many similar campaigns we have planned, meaning we had to scale up our IT infrastructure to support our evolving business.

We turned to our Rackspace support team, which has given us top-of-the-line Fanatical Support for more than a year, for the answer. Our awesome account manager, Taylor Jones, suggested DevOps as the answer to adapt our IT infrastructure to meet our evolving IT needs. With DevOps, we could scale up and down with our traffic as needed during competitions.

As the de facto developer for our company, I know a little more about servers than most of us here — but I’m not a DevOps guy. With the event deadline approaching, I knew I wanted to outsource our DevOps process so we could continue to do what we do best.

We immediately dove right into re-architecting our site with the support of our Rackspace DevOps team. We’ve performed two major shifts in our technology since we began:

The first to our backend services, changing that entirely — a tall order, but Rackspace went right to work.

The second is revising — converting our front-end technology to allow us to do more cool things, from a user perspective. We’re using some interesting technologies involving Linux.

Rackspace’s Fanatical Support has been incredible. They’ve been flexible, but Taylor and the team have also kept us on track. We’re now in the process of getting the automation running, but the lion’s share of the work is still on the development side.

The development impact of our working together with Rackspace is already huge. It frees up a lot of my time. It also frees up a lot of my anxiety.

I had a great time talking about Showpitch’s work with Rackspace at their Solve event in New York City on May 7. You can check out my speaking session here:

Showpitch, which connects talent, industry and fans all in one place, had to scale up its IT infrastructure to meet increased demand. The company turned to Rackspace for its ability to scale and Fanatical Support.