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Major Contests is a competition engine developed by Showpitch for use as a core feature and add on to any eco-system we deploy. 

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The preface - Over the course of the last couple of years creating our platform, as well as all of the pitfalls encountered in developing our technology, we also gained a deeper understanding into the digital landscape on how technology is migrating and transforming every aspect of the entertainment industry. We also solidified that our business model was sound and how we could position our Company to be at the forefront of this revolution. 

However, it was also based on those tenets, we originally set out to create a new digital eco-system that allowed unobstructed connectivity and freedom for creators, talent, industry and brands. We soon realized that we had it backwards.

You all remember the presentation. It was the intention to: 1. create a community that allowed talent to connect to each other, connect to fans and connect to the Industry. 2. Create a tool that allowed them to pitch the Industry 3. Connect them to opportunities 4. Create Monetization strategies and 5. eventually lead to a Independent Broadcast network. You will see what I mean in the following paragraphs how we had to reverse the model.

We conducted a beta launch last year to test the model and features as well as the interaction between different user groups. We took the opportunity to sample a diverse group of talent and industry people. It ultimately gave us an insight into a very large focus group. We started working with them to determine what their needs are, what features are important to them, what drives their passion and how they interact with one another both socially, professionally and other wise.

It also gave us “IN” to the Industry Networks, Studios and other professionals all of whom we started a dialogue with.

We starting cultivating real conversations with the same Industry we were trying to serve and started to build a foundation for what is now to come. We started to listen. This was a major milestone for the company because it gave us direct insight and access to the decision makers. It also tested the core tenants of what we were trying to develop. It made us look at the formula, the business model, the trends to determine what our product market fit would be.

At the same time something magical was happening. Our little company was planting seeds with those same decision makers who were simultaneously taking notice.

We were learning, pivoting, finding our product market fit. Simultaneously the technology team began develop a new architecture - a flexible structure that will ultimately become the first catalyst in making this partnership possible. There focus, dedication and ingenuity allowed for all of this to take shape. 

We went back out to LA with our new product market fit and it all began to come together. What started out as conversations, led to deeper discussions over the last few months and the eventual structure for a very large partnership.

This is invaluable for how we have positioned this Company for what is about to come.

We needed to build a team in LA and partner with the Industry leaders (catalysts) that can bring this to market with us utilizing their connectivity, resources and reach.  



 Showpitch is creating a major Joint Venture and partnering with major industry players to bring this to market. - Streame is a Joint Venture with our Industry partners and Showpitch. Over the last few months we have structured a deal with Todd Makurath - CEO of Bullitt Branded, The Russo Bothers and Justin Lin to join our team and partner with us to launch Streame. It took us a little while to get our product right for the market, but now that we have, we are making quick strides to assemble a team that will add credibility, help execute and bring this to market with us. We are using all of the connections and leverage to bring true catalysts to this venture. We have interest from other parties as well, including a former YouTube Executive, Sony / Screen Gems Corporate Council, the former VP of Marvel, the former VP of Group M among others. 

As part of their participation, they are also bringing the full weight of their endeavors to the table: assisting us in Co-Fundraising efforts, Content from a 500 million dollar Chinese studio deal, a Virtual Reality division that will be creating VR content across all VR devices powered by Streame, office space within their building, building out an LA team, access to resources, connectivity, reach, and so on.

Once completed, this marks a huge milestone for our Company and catalyst for our initiatives.  

Teaser Press Release Headline: 

Todd Makurath, The Russo Brothers (Captain America), Justin Lin (Fast and the Furious) of Bullitt Branded as well as other Hollywood celebrities team up with Showpitch to launch StreaMe - the first fully customizable, self managed streaming service for Independent Content Creators and Publishers. 


Streame – Owning our own streaming service  


We are launching the largest Invite Only – top level Independent Streaming Service for self publishers. Our technology will allow content creators, content publishers and content aggregators to retain ownership of the entire process of their content. Our market potential is extremely large. There is currently a home for all sub par + completely open user generated content (youtube), there is a home for top shelf content owned and controlled by closed end Networks/Studios - however there is currently no home for all of the mid to top tier content publishers. We are creating the only hybrid solution. 

Creators, publishers, talent all endeavor to take control and ownership of their own destiny. The cord is being cut, the industry is shifting and migrating, but the dominance held by the collective few, still exists - even in digital. We will level the playing field. This is our mission plain and simple. 


Remember earlier, I said we had to reverse the business model. Well, we did. 


 Streame has two distinct sides – A consumer facing distribution engine and a self publishing content management system.


 The Streaming Service - Forward facing side is an Independent Streaming Service that features all of the elements like, Fresh and New Content and Categories, Networks and Channels. A cutting edge distribution side of the business through 1. A complete digital streaming service 2. A dual screen experience 3. Applications to multiple devices 4. Social and promoting tools, among others, that together creates a more engaging viewing experience for audience and brand engagement to go beyond the content. In today’s world, people are multi tasking while watching content, people are utilizing multiple devices at the same time. Our distribution strategy capitalizes on those habits and gives content owners and brands the ability to control their environment within a larger eco-system.


The Publishing Side – This is where we create an invite only network and onboard publishers, celebrities, influencers, network groups and give them the tools and infrastructure to take full control and ownership of their content and self manage, publish, and monetize their content. Any publishing partner will have the ability to fully package content the same way closed ended streaming services like Netflix are doing now. They can grab templates and fully package a tv series (for example) adding elements such as the episodes, cast of character, behind the scenes photos, social widgets, and so on. This is done via drag and drop and the tools that you can add could be endless. They can then take those templates and publish them to their fully customizable channel or network. This full control and flexible freedom allows them to compete on a level playing field and gives them the power to control how their content is viewed and what experiential elements they can add to it. It creates a deeper more engaging experience.


This also gives us the ability to on board publishing partners through reach, connectivity, qualifiers such as mandates, competitions, and pitching. Example streaMe is looking for content is these categories, these types of content, - really control the environment.  

Creating an invite only network also us to work with our publishing partners to create content for OUR platform, potentially getting entitlement in content and creating a frenzy of publishers that will want to become part of this platform. 


Other Elements  


Monetization – How we capitalize on the monetization side is simple. Most platforms (even through digital) still act as traditional business hordes. They give content owners scrapes while feeding themselves. Two prevalent examples - Youtube (offers Ad sense earnings on programmatic ad placements) and pay a CPM (cost per thousand impressions) with pennies on the dollar going to the content owner. Spotify pays 2 cents on every dollar they take in to the publisher. The list goes on and on.

Publishers have multiple ways in which they can monetize their content. Through subscriptions for channels and networks, pay per view, ad revenues/brand engagment and tipping/donations, they have full flexibility to create multiple revenue sources for themselves.

This will also allow us to build out what we call a CPS (cost per subscriber model) by offering bundled subscription and PPV services.

We will turn the Industry upside down by launching a monetization model that favors our publishing partners and monetize their content on the platform in various ways. Through ads (both programmatic and native), through subscription, through pay per view and through tipping/donations. We intend to give the lion share of those revenues to the content owners (way above what the industry is presently doing) around 70% plus. We are doing this so that the content owners are incentivized to utilize their platform as well as give them the ability to truly make money off their content. Real income and real control. 

The continuum of a real financial pipeline will also incentivize our publishers to produce high standard content that Streame stands for.

Brand Engagement – Doing it this way also gives credence to developing an entire Branded department that can work with our brands and publishing partner to create experiential content, brand and product placement, branded entertainment, and so on. We also can create custom “experiences” using our template system to give brands deeper experiences by packaging their product for the dual screen experience. Doing it this way, gives us full control of the brand engagement and advertising revenues that we can then share with our publishing partners.

Additional Access - Showpitch Eco-system in play by getting everyone that surrounds the content process in play.   Once we have that going, then we really build out a “digital Hollywood” giving publishers access to resources – such as connecting and sourcing talent, services, locations as well as a marketplace for merchandizing, licensing and opportunities. Creating Showcases is a tool for talent to create portfolios and evangelize their work to potential publishers looking to hire them or in need of their services.




Some Showpitch tools as the eco-system in Streame


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