After our founding members had been involved in funding and pitching scripted and non scripted programming several years ago, they quickly discovered the barriers that creators and talent experience when trying to break into showbiz. They decided to come up with a solution. Create a new paradigm where all of the talent, players in the media and entertainment industries and global brands would be on a level playing field and have all of the tools that they needed to network, collaborate and develop content.

That proved to be quite challenging, bringing all of the fragmented services together while making the user experience intuitive and friendly. After over a year of research, development and testing,  Showpitch launched our Beta experiment to a select group of Beta testers. We were very excited to see how this innovative new platform offering would be received. We assembled a user base of approximately (2,000) users from all segments including: film makers, musicians, actors, writers, photographers, Industry and Brands. Through their interaction with the beta site and pro-active engagement with Showpitch, we have been able to determine our product market fit and apply their needs to technical insights and innovative services to create our our new platform Thank you to everyone who participated!!

Through our Beta Experiment, Showpitch created multiple success stories for some of the Beta Users by leveraging our network to help connect them to opportunities. In addition to that, we have continued to actively work with a lot of our community to give them access to resources they need to make their dreams a reality.  



Stats from our Beta Experiment

Total Profiles: 1970







Success Stories



Welcome to the Community of Showpitch 

These are some of the Creators, Talent, Industries and Brands that made our Beta test a huge success!