Are You a Fit for the Idea Bubble?

We don’t shy away from the impossible.  If you’re a unique client who demands the remarkable, let’s connect.

We thrive in connecting brands to creators and influencers, working closely to develop experiential campaigns and branding opportunities. We are an integrated agency with a team of innovative professionals; all concepts are developed through our IDEA LAB, the team who brings out-of-the-box concepts fueled by expertise in different fields. All concepts are created to bring promotional partners, brands, non traditional components (NTR), and often an entertainment franchise together to generate audience engagement, media coverage, and a viral spark.  The Idea Bubble will conceptualize powerful campaigns and turn them into compelling realities, regardless of the medium to bring your vision to life.  

Showpitch empowers brands to reach influencers and fans through sponsorship, product placement, in-branded entertainment and experiential campaigns. 

Successful campaigns must contain a vital element—the message, which must appeal to the emotions of those consumers you are looking to reach and connect with.

The brain purposely forgets 92% of all commercial messages it encounters within 72 hours.  As for the 8% it retains—consumers remember 2 kinds of information:

1.   Need: Information consumers need regularly, for example the weather or traffic report.

2.   Emotion: Information that means something to the consumers and has a connection to their heart—in effect, writing on their brain forever.


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